Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is it already nearly October?

Apparently it is almost October. Time flys when you are having fun or stuck in a bubble of "learnens".

Definition of "THE BUBBLE": when life receeds as I sit in the library on a Friday night and only when I get up to leave at 10 pm do I feel tired or hungry or in the need of a work out and only then do I remember that I have an hour drive home to a home and a husband.

My transformation is becoming complete into full on random medicinal fact robot girl. World domination is following shortly behind.

This quarter is pinging along nicely, with many of my classes interweaving each other in order to fully maximize my brain's potential. Pharmacology feeds directly into Physiology which is highlighted by Neurology. Pathology is the bottom line on learning Physical Diagosis and is rounded out by Epidemiology or the study of infectious diseases and how they trend. My final class Pediatrics sort of incorporates all of the above in how child growth and develop and how things can and do go wrong.

As far as work-life balance, I am fully committed to this year as a year off of life so I just fit in whatever I can when I can. Mostly this means gym time but I do get out for one mountain bike ride per week. For whatever reason, I feel like I get better on my bike every time I ride. I still think I am dialing in the whole clipless pedal thing and so my climbing is improving with each ride.

Tom and I had our two year anniversary this week. Two years ago, I was dragging him to 400 foot falls in poring rain storms and we were clinging to the edge of a zodiac raft in 10 foot waves. Good times. Life is quite different now than it was then, but Tom is my rock in a sea of change and we are in everything together. Cheers to being such an awesome husband Tom and to letting me "practice" eye and nose physical exam skills on ya and only yelling "you're blinding me..AHHHH" a couople of times.

Peacenout. Some pics from a lazy Ohio ride with the fam during my last trip home in August.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Today, I shall write.

I will give you two words in which to base your judgement of me: surviving and thriving.

I will give you one word in which to base your judgement of this blog: dead.

It is hard to understand why I am not blogging at all. Part of it is obvious...I don't have a whole lot of extra time. But really it is more than that, because I could jot off a quick blog entry every couple of days or even weekly and it wouldn't take that much time.

I think part of it is the feeling of the unnecessary. I started blogging for three reasons: 1. massive amounts, due to sitting in front of a computer for hours every day while hating it. 2. Because I was making a conscious and very real effort to live my real "non cube" life in exciting ways in which I was was taking lots of cool pictures, pushing myself to learn new things and experience Arizona for all it's glory. 3. I wanted to write as a catharsis for the feelings of unsatisfaction of the career/life path I was on and the exploration of determining what I wanted my new path to be.

These reasons have faded with a new challenge, more intellectually based than adventurous, and a feeling of immense rightness in that direction I am heading. I have still gotten out and explored some cool things, but I haven't been taking as many pictures, and I have felt the need to savor these special rare moments of nature to only myself.

I don't really want the blog to die, because I think it still serves it's purpose and I am proud of the history I have solidified through it. But it may be on hiatus, pending desire to write, because I don't see much point in writing simply to alleviate guilt for not.

Who knows what time will tell?

Also, on an aside, I completed my first quarter of school, passed my classes and got pretty damn good grades in all reality. I am now in a new set of challenging classes, that are much more related to real medicine, diseases, treatment and assessment and I really like it. Time is FLYING and my previous life with computers seems so distant to the bubble I have immersed myself in.

Thanks for still reading, most likely via Google Reader.