Thursday, February 21, 2008

New ACL. Check.

Hello ladies and gents. Alive. Pain. Yeah.

I am alive and kicken. Okay not quite kicken yet but definitely alive. Feeling surprisingly good though. My whole right leg is numb due to a spinal block (loving the epidural) and I was even sent home with a local anesthetic pain pump drip thingy. I have been very light on the pain meds as a result so I don't really feel all that loopy and haven't seen even one penguin or fairy in my living room...damn it.

The surgery went iffy okay depending on perspective. ACL reconstruction = good & successful. Unpredicted meniscus repair = bad & disappointing. The doc found my old ACL to be very stretched out (real shocker) and he removed a screw in my knee. Unfort, he also found both my medial and lateral meniscus to be torn. I can see the pics, it's not a little tear. So since last time I did the same thing and it was repaired by stitching, he just removed the offending flaps. I am sort of bummed by this because of the whole "future knee pain thing", but realistically, that is going to happen anyway so I am over it.

The doc said my knee was "tore up" and that I should "quit running and stick to biking". Well I say "fix it up doc and lalalalala I can't hear you". It is not that I really like running (on a road), but seriously, I am not an old woman who can just give up on moving at faster than a walk. Why are orthopedic docs such weanies? Probably because they are rich and fake bake. Okay maybe just mine. I don't know, he is just really tan and it is the winter time.

One last bummer. MY. ICE. MACHINE. IS. NOT. WORKING. Waaaaa. It is from my last surgery and I may or may not have used it for 3 months straight 24 hours a day. So the fact that the moter died isn't surprising but my Cigna insurance won't give me another one so I may have to buy one from the Elite Care people who are like the crack dealers of the hospital. The chick called me offering liquid frozen crack and I just can't say no.

Well I am super busy with all my important activities so I gotta run. I may have to get up to use the restroom within the next hour and I must mentally prepare.

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megan said...

oh my poor girl! want me to come over on friday???