Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy VDAY Ya'll.

[read this message using your best Britney Spears voice ya'll]

Oh yeah. almost forgot. Happy VTineDay to all the playas out there who don't get no love. My man and I be kicken it tonight at Boston Market. It's where the real romancers go. Don't let those shitty Jared's commercials fool you. Give me an extra side of meatloaf and macaroni over diamonds anyday. Now, where my baby at?

My cutie hubby in his scruffy "Not The Commitment Type" tee-shirt just dropped these off at my work. Awwww. What a man. Isn't my cube great? Notice the picture of my bike on my wall. This is to serve as a reminder of why I work, while the scenic shots give me good jumping off points for daydreams and trip planning googling.

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