Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here is the knee.

Things got a little crazy last night. Some friends stopped by and Tom baked birthday cake for his and my birthday and we had our cake and ate it too. He is turning the big 29 this Monday and loves it when I remind him that he is almost 30. Then we all fell asleep watching the Suns beat the Celtics. It was a night to remember.

So wanna see the knee? Looks pretty good huh? I took the dressing off today and removed the local anesthetic pump which was just a wire sticking out of my upper leg. As the numbing wore off and my leg came back alive, I wished it would go back to being dead. It has slowly gotten better as the day went on and I was able to take a bath and sit outside on a chair for five minutes. So I am starting to feel alive again and starting to get really tired of sitting on the couch. Tom is the best nursemaid a woman could ask for and I am really lucky to have such a great man as my better half. I love ya honey!

So you may have noticed that I seem to break things a lot. Electronics, bikes, cars, they need to be tough to survive. But as I sit here recovering from my latest surgery, I have had plenty of contemplation time to think. I think I also break myself a bit more than the average person. I don't think I am unsafe, I just think I live an adventurous life and maybe throw myself in front of a runaway train too often. But this started way before I was old enough to be held accountable. In fact, my first major hospital visit occurred when I was four years old. See, not my fault.

But I can't give up to much entertainment for one days, so I will wait till tomorrow to tell you the tale of how "I fell out of a moving car at 45 mph at age four." It's a good one.

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Crazy Rower #2 said...

Most exciting Friday night EVER! That knee looks awesome, it's great that you're already getting around a little bit better.

And if we didn't have you to break/lose things, we might have to shoulder some of that responsibility ourselves, so thanks for being "that guy (girl)." Love ya and wishing you the speediest recovery ever!