Friday, February 22, 2008

Post-Op Day 2

Hello friends. Day two post op is winding down. It was a veritable cornucopia of excitement.

Here is the rundown. Try to keep your squeals of delight to a small roar.

1. Watched Mandy Moore's "A Walk to Remember" on TNT. Cried when she got cancer and died. Oops hope I didn't ruin it for you.
2. Watched Mandy Moore's "Saved" on you tube. It was MM day. What can I say? She is in so many feel good chick flick which seem sooo good while on pain meds. This movie is pretty damn funny too. "I am filled with Christ's love," MM yells while throwing a Bible at supporting cast. Pure comedy gold.
3. Chat on the phone to half my contact list. It went something like "I am bored...".
4. Ate a fish burrito from Rubios. Thank you to my coworker/tenant Eric who brought it over for me.
5. Nap. It has been an exhausting day.
6. Fixed ice machine by getting a free replacement part. Yeah!
7. Fixed pain drip which had pulled out and was dripping anesthetic on me. Yeah!
8. Kiss Tom for accomplishing both 6 and 7. He is quite the nursemaid man and I love him dearly plus he is grocery shopping right now for yummy food.
9. Watch "Malcolm In The Middle". It is one of my biggest shames, but I love MITM.
10. Compile this amazing list for you. Your welcome.

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chris thomas said...

How long was tom weezing from the pain-med drip before he finally hooked it back up. hang in there hannah.