Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pics from the race.

Some pics from the 24 HOP race. Didn't really get that many good pics, but I am sure you are dying to see some. Okay maybe not, but I am going quickly run out of topics to blog about while sitting on my couch for the next month so I have to drag this race out. Be prepared for lots of daytime tv rants and hearing about my obsession with ice and its magical powers.

We had to fit 3 bikes, camping gear, multiple clothing changes, and coolers into a small jeep for the drive to the race. It was like a jigsaw puzzle of extreme efficiency. It is a good thing that Angel is small because she got exactly a 1/4 of the back seat.

The wet and cold drive in. This was the "good" part of the road. Brrr, we watched the outside temps drop from 50 degrees F in Phoenix to 31 at the race venue.

Sarah in the blue with the white stripe starting us off in the run. She has been back on dry land for a whole three weeks now, so naturally she was the perfect choice for the run.

My cuz Steph in blue was on site at the race working at the massage tent while her hubby BJ captained my team. Steph might have been the toughest of all of us as she gave massages to hurting bikers for 17 straight hours without a break.

Jeremy, BJ, and Steph are enjoying the balmy 30 degree day weather.

Watching the lead riders take on the rock at the end of the route.

Sarah coming down over the ridge on her first lap. She was the only person on our team who consistently came in after each lap screeching "it was soooo awesome". I will add that she did not get the privilege of riding a full on night lap though so the jury is still up whether it would have broken her. I am guessing not. She did take a mere 51 days to row across the Atlantic Ocean and still talks about how awesome it was.

Our campsite is the blue tent on the left. Doesn't it look like nice warm balmy camping weather? Let me assure you that it wasn't. But truly, it was beautiful there.

A shot of 24 HR town in front of Mt Lemon. I think those with campers might have been slightly smarter than us. Just a thought.

Awww whitey wrecker. Even though I may have cursed you at 4am, I still love ya.

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