Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah for Today!

We will be taking a break from story time today to bring you this breaking news updates.

*I suck at Guitar Hero. With my musical talents, this news is shocking indeed. This game is fun fun fun though and a big shout out to Em for bringing it over.

*I left the house yesterday and today ... wait for it ... I transported myself to an external location through motorized means. I drove myself to the library to return a book that was costing me $1 a day (have these federally funded establishments gone up or what?). Brake left, gas right, easy peasy, look at spot run.

*I have had big improvements in the past 48 hours in mobility and strength. I still have the deep calf/ankle swelling weird ache thing going on, but the knee is doing great. It seems very bend-e this time also.

*I have started the two arms, one stomach and one leg floor workout routine. It is going well.

*Tomorrow will be a tough day as I must call into meetings all morning for work, am forced to go to class in the afternoon to take two tests, and am capping off the day with a friends wedding in the evening. Luckily I am getting a two wheeled chair to help me out.

Exciting news I know. You may now go back to slacking at work/school and earning your degree in google reader and interweb browsing.


Your Scrumhalf Connection said...

Your posts are cracking me up! Keep 'em coming.

chris thomas said...

If the chair has a motor, please send pics, while racing an old lady, or driving off trail in said wheelchair.