Sunday, March 2, 2008

My ode to chicken.

So I had a fun weekend. Not the mountain biking in the snow at 3am type of fun, but the good old fashioned going out with friends and having a cold one type of fun.

Now I don't want to brag, but with all my practice over the past two years, my crutching skills are pretty impressive. Friday, I did use the chair towards the end of the night, but mostly because I don't trust late night wedding goers not to knock me over. Saturday, I went out to two crowded bars with just my two trusty metal sticks and did just fine. It helps that I can put some weight on the knee.

Otherwise, I just want to add that surgery is just like grilled chicken smothered in garlic marinade. You make it once, with an assortment of delicious ingredients but you forget to pre-thaw the meat so when you just throw it on the grill anyway, it just tastes a little stringy. The next time, you go in prepared with soft pink thawed meat, use the same combo of ingredients, and voila it is delicious and tender. My knee is the chicken here and my doc is the cook. Things are just easier/better/faster/less pain/more ROM/ this time around. Same injuries, same fixes, better healing. And I truly believe it is because I went into this surgery with strong legs, no pain, and a full range of motion. Sometimes it pays to wait till you can pre-thaw the meat people.

I am back to work tomorrow (in person) so I may not be blogging like its my job anymore, cause it's not.

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Your Scrumhalf Connection said...

I completely agree with your chicken theory, this time around has almost been a cake walk compared to last time.

The months in the gym before and strengthening my knee as much as possible has done wonders!!