Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy SPD Irish Folk

I wore no green today. To be honest, I didn't even remember it was St. Patty's Day until I got to work and saw the green cookies by the printer. Am I really this old or am I just realizing that stealing another ethnicity's holidays as my own is no longer a must do?

It is not like I need an excuse to go hang out at a bar on a Monday, I can do that anyway. And I really don't need an reason to paint a shamrock on my cheek, don my shortest plaid skirt, stand in line in cooler than average temperatures to pay 20 bucks to enter the local Irish pub's parking lot party. Although seeing grown men in kilts is always amusing, especially obvious non Irish ones. Wait, aren't kilts Scottish anyway? I am confused now.

I will however celebrate by eating a green cookie because everyone knows that calories don't count on random holidays, especially ones with green sprinkles.

But if you are Irish, and this day symbolizes the gold pot at the end of the rainbow you have been traipsing down since a year ago, I do wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day of Awesomeness. You deserve it. This guy agrees.


auntjoan said...

Ms. S:
FYI your biological great-grama (Tess MACKEY Boss) was Irish - grama R's middle name "Eileen"
Somewhere in your gene's you owe yourself a shot of Bushmill's

la chaser said...

Hmm, really? Who knew! This is exciting news! I knew I felt and affinity towards Irish pubs and car bombs.