Thursday, March 27, 2008


Muscle fun fact learned while cramming for a lab practical over all the muscles of the body:

Did you know that the reason that we can make funny facial expressions is because the muscles of our face are not attached to bone like all other muscles, but to our skin?

Doesn't this make complete sense? God, I love how the body just makes sense. Unlike computers, which are supposed to be logical but due to the illogicalities of our current operating systems (yeah I am glaring at you Microsoft), just don't work as expected.

Also, I would just like to add that I wish my gluteous maximus would become a little more minimus.

Back to the book.


chris thomas said...

Hannah, what other bodilly fun facts do you know? I went to a breast feeding and lactation class by myself the other day, and have plenty of cool fun facts about boobs. Yeah, I think they thought I was a sexual predator, as I was the only lone dude at said class taking notes. For the record sarah was back in the room, putting it all to practice.

Hilton Meyer said...

Well you just made all of them work a little. You excited for the weekend race?

megan said...

you have a fine ass, wouldyamean you want it to be minimus?