Thursday, March 13, 2008

Case of the missing juice.

I was rudely awaken at 6 am to a loud noise followed by my husband cursing followed by the vacuum cleaner and then more stomping. When Tom came in the room, I rolled over and asked "what did you break?" He huffed "don't worry about it" and stormed out of the room.

I started to wonder, had he knocked over my large glass of cranberry juice that I had not finished the night before, that I had left sitting on the coffee table? Because that was a lot of red liquid, like a LOT.

Later, I get up and assess the damage... no large glass of cranberry juice sitting on the coffee table but there is a reddish towel on the floor. I am sure he just drank it though, and then washed and put away the glass. Right.

I should stop with the medical field nonsense and become the Nancy Drew that I was born to be.

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megan said...

i have to stop reading your blog now because it's too funny & too addicting & i need to do my taxes hannah. damn you. the govt is not going to accept this excuse!