Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Went hiking in Superstition Mountains this weekend. The flowers are banging right now, and there were still lots of closed buds so there is more natural beauty to come. Three miles of uneven hiking + no brace (forgot it) + great care -> one happy girl.


Mike S. said...

wow, never thought arizona could look like that.

Hilton Meyer said...

Glad to hear you're out and about. How's the knee keeping up? Flowers are beautiful, the season has already passed this side, so we'll wait for next year.

la chaser said...

@mike: u should come visit and see for yourself.

@hilton: i love this time of year. everything dies in AZ by May and today we topped 90 degrees F so things don't last but it makes you appreciate it while it lasts.