Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I want a time replicating device.

Why is it that when you get seriously busy, blogging becomes a guilty pleasure. Like if I have nothing going on, I have less of a desire to blog than if I am busy as a beaver. Lack of resources makes blogging feels so necessary and mandatory because it draws a priority line that I am unhappy with.

Work is killing me. I am tired. Of trying to juggle work & school during the hours of 5pm to 12am. And taxes. And how my house is messy. And how I need to get my hair cut very badly. And how I have a test on Friday over all the muscles of the body. And how I start PT this week.

But tonight, after work in the office but before work/study in the house, I am going to go for a bike ride on the green belt in Scottsdale and I am going to enjoy it, because life is all about taking at least one hour of your day to make it worth living.

I may make it two hours, just to be sure I am overachieving on my goals.


chris thomas said...

Hannah, It seems sarah ha replicated a mini-me. Check him out. http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/hospitals/5774/frame_test.asp?URLID=1250857524

megan said...

here here sister. 2.5 i say.

i wanna go with you all next time.