Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am sorry.

First of all, I apologize. Apparently, lack of exercise if making me write really freaking long blog posts and everyone knows that that is boring. I will stop.

Tom is out of town for work so I am having to cook myself food. By cook I mean make a nice mixture of Cheerios and Total, add milk and enjoy. I belive the sweet honey flavor of the Cheerios enhances the crunchy goodness of the plain Total. Eating is a chore when you are crutching around and dishes are a pain. If I can't put the food in my pocket then I have to really consider if I want it.

In other news, I am getting a new laptop tomorrow. This is a work machine, not personal so it is not that exciting, all it really means is that my life will be disrupted for awhile while I reinstall the 1,237 programs that I have currently running on my machine. I will have a smoking fast Core2Duo with 2Gb of DDR2 and a built in video camera, for creating the home videos of course (wink wink). Kidding, it's a work computer remember?

Okay this is where I stop typing and wrap up the post at a reasonable length. But I still have 87 minutes of copying to do in backing up my shit to my other work computer (I have four) because I don't trust their crappy transfer process and I don't want to lose all my work. So I am bored and stuck at work and I wanna go home, wah. Scrinches nose, sips Diet Coke, refreshes google reader, nothing, damn.

Real quick, news update, I also got my stitches out and got the "your knee looks really good" spiel. The doc told me that he removed 30% of my medial meniscus and 30-40% of my lateral one which is a LOT. They told me to start taking glucosamine and invest money in the Osteoarthritis Research Foundation. Instead of starting a kid's college fund, I will start a knee replacement by 40 fund. Excellent.

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Hilton Meyer said...

All was going well until I got to the gore at the bottom;) Hope the knee heals up quick. My knees are crack and sounds like a bowl of Rice Crispies when I get off the bike. Also heard about glucosamine and might start on it to get the joints oiled.