Friday, March 21, 2008

Dreaming of Adventure

It's Friday. Some people (not mentioning any names but it starts with a T and ends with an M) don't have to work today and are currently lazing it up in bed while others (yours truly), are slaving for the man ...aka blogging. I am not bitter though. I am enjoying my free coffee from the vending machine and cranking some pandora Linkin Park. Yup the machine is still working and yours truly is still stealing from it.

So I am in full out dreaming mode right now. I am planning my re-entrance into the world of adventures and although the time line is not concrete yet, here's what I am thinking.
  • March - April: Bike. Bike. Bike. Long Indian Rez rides on dirt and easy easy trail riding that involves little climbing and NO change of endos.
  • April - June: Mucho backpacking. Watch northern Arizona spring come by backpacking along freezing glacial rivers. Definitely want to go back to the natural hot springs while the weather/water is still cold. Want to try canyoneering so first stop is Salome Jug.
  • June - July: Easy jogging, lots more actual mountain biking and attempting so slow, non competitive adventure races. Maybe try to orienteering courses. Persuade teammates to turn off desire to sprint on uneven grown and stay at Hannah pace. I also really want to do a rim2rim Grand Canyon. How about a Moab trip for biking heaven? Anyone with me?
  • August: Commence Team ODP's destruction of the field.
Backpacking into Havasu Falls, June 2007
Megan Resch Photography

Dreaming about this stuff makes me itch to just jump in the car and head out. I have to be patient and wait for my body to catch up to my mind, but ladies and gentlemen, its coming!

Happy Friday folks. Enjoy your spring 85 degree weekend. Oh wait, that is just me.



I'll join you for riding in Moab. We may be moving to Durango (nothing for sure yet) and, if so, I really want to ride in Moab!

Gary Robbins said...

Love the plan Hannah! There are a few of us that are looking at a R2R2R this spring, as a few buds did it late last year and we need to take down their PR! The record for this run, if you can believe it, is under 8hr!! CRAZY!
You definitely have to sign up for that adventure race...I miss hiking, everything has gotten so fast in the last few years with racing. You've convinced me to plan a hiking trip too!!