Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am Yellow.

As winter storms drop 12 inches on the greater Ohio area, I just want to let you all know not to worry about us here in Phoenix. We are surviving the 82 degree sunny weather. It was rough on Saturday when we went to the Tempe Beach park and played a little one legged frisbee, but I dug deep and overcame.

Teehee, I love Phoenix in the springtime... I feel superior to you all. I know snow is pretty, and I agree that snow sports can be really fun, but stop lying and saying ridiculous things like shoveling is a good workout and you enjoy it. You know what else is a good workout? Crutching along the beach in 80 degree weather.

This weekend was fun. I am down to one crutch now so I was able to do a lot more. I went to a rubik's cube party on Saturday, aptly named for the objective of the evening. You had to wear 6 articles of clothing, each one a separate solid color found on a rubik's cube. The goal was to trade your clothes until you became one solid color. It was actually a lot of fun. I became yellow, and I think I took home the prize of the evening, a yellow oven mitt strung on a wire that you hang around your neck. It worked perfect as a item carrier for those on a crutch. I even showed off my dancing skills. Sadly, I don't think they are much worse with only one leg.

Today was a lazy day of nothing. Tom cooked waffles and pork chops (not at the same time) and we watched "God Grew Tired of Us". It is a really touching documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan that will open your eyes to some recent history that seems unreal so recent. The pain that these kids survived at such a young age was heartbreaking, yet they seemed so strong. Most of these 23,000 kids were between 3 and 13 when they had to trek 1000 miles across Sudan to escape military genocide. The photos from the starving boys as they reached the Kenya border are haunting. It also makes you realize just how hard it is to emigrate to the US as they experience electricity and packaged food for the first time.

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