Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Up in Alaska: One Great Blog

Jill bikes across the Alaskan tundra. I read about Jill biking across the Alaskan tundra. That is called living vicariously though others and I am pretty good at it right now. Jill is a great writer & photographer and also is crazy dedicated to her daily adventures through training which makes her blog Up In Alaska a daily read of mine.

Her story is a well written adventure of snow, immense cold, and the ultimate quest for finding oneself through pushing the limits. It starts here and chronicles a recent six day race she completed called the Iditarod Trail Invitational which went for 350 miles from Knik to McGrath. Because Jill falls directly into my own age demographic , it makes me wonder how I would handle the adventures she faces. This race defines the wilderness that encompasses our largest state. There is definitely something about the concept of complete wilderness that draws me. I am pretty sure this is why I sometimes feel compelled to bike alone deep into the Indian Reservation, beyond the limits of smart or safe, and into the world of adventure.


Hilton Meyer said...

I've also always dreamt of taking that gamble and throwing caution to the wind. My dream's a bit more tropical as my roots are African, I would like to cycle Cairo-Cape Town. Bit cliche but trust me the 11000 odd km are anything but cliche. I'm planningon starting small and my first touring ride will be this easter across Israel. I'll try and keep my blog up to date for this.

la chaser said...

Hey cool, gotta start somewhere. I definitely want to do a tour for a vacation some day.

I hate the term "someday". I want it to be NOW.

I will check out the blog.