Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring flowers make me smile.

Spring flowers on South Mountain, Phoenix

Winter showers bring March flowers. It's flower time here in the desert, and this year is going to be a great one. We have had a excessive amount of rain here in the desert this winter, already surpassing our yearly average in the first two months.

I went for a hike this weekend to see the flowers. That's right, you heard me... I TOOK A HIKE! YEAH! It was only about a mile on a fairly flat trail, and I did bring my crappy crutch for a little stabilization, but it still felt so good to get out and smell the dirt. Walking is coming along much better although I still am doing the old woman shuffle and gimping like I'm wearing a diaper. Sweet.

My lil baby sis was here this weekend and turned 20 years old so I want to wish the darling a very happy birthday. She is an amazing young lady who is growing into her own while studying to be a nurse. She may age, but to my other sisters and I, she will always be our little baby sister. What a cutie. She was very excited about escaping the winter storms and 2 feet of snow in Ohio and squealed before laying down in my front yard. Yep, the pink rocks are my front yard. Don't be jealous.

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Anonymous said...

those yellow flowers are so refreshing.

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