Friday, March 28, 2008

Not THAT Kind of Rehab.

In school, I was/am an achiever, meaning I like to do well within limits. I am the person who would be willing to put in some amount of work, as long as I saw returns on it. Once I realized that a class would require herculean efforts to get an A, I would quickly reset my sights on that B or B+.

That being said, I am really glad I am aceing my physical therapy tests. I had my first session on Thursday and when she pulled out her measuring tool to test my range of motion, she seemed shocked to realized that I was already at full ROM and quickly put it away. I got to ride a special rehab stationary bike which will continue to amp up resistance dependent on how fast you ride it. This seems like a great tool for training, doesn't it? It had to gages, one that said goal and one that said actual, so I kept pumping trying to achieve the goal, but then realized that the goal kept moving up. Fun huh? Like I said, great training bike.

A few of the exercises I found challenging like wall squats mostly because there are certain muscles that are pretty weak right now. But overall, I am starting to feel very normal which could be scary as the next three weeks are the most critical time in rehab. Apparently between 5 and 8 weeks, the ACL is at its weakest and when people start to feel good, they push the boundaries and the most re-tears occur.

I am going to keep repeating the below phrase in my head over and over and over again as I feel the desire to get ahead of myself.

"Do you wish to have a third surgery Miss Thang? No? WELL THEN DON'T DO IT! Go eat a carrot instead."


Crazy Rower #2 said...

Mmmmn, carrots!

megan said...

good mantra. although if you did tear it again, i would definitely be willing to sip on that nasty-ass-hot-tamale beer for you if it would make you happy.

but, let's not go there & all go on a leisure mtn bike ride soon.