Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I admit it. I like cheese product. Sue me.

Don't even tell me you wouldn't eat the crap out of this.

Photo from the Pioneer Woman Cooks!

My parents from Ohio always bring me real Ohio Amish churned cheese when they come to visit. It is 1/4 of the price and tastes very nice. But that doesn't stop me from scarfing down tortilla chips and cheese from a jar. Nope, not at all.


Crazy Rower #2 said...

Hahaha, most random post ever, but I love it. Mostly because I love cheese at least as much as you do, if not more. Nerd.


Your new blog look rocks! How did you get the title layout like that?

I broke my knee climbing and was down for about a year. It was tough, but now I'm back at it and better than ever. Well, that's not true, I can't do drop knee moves anymore without pain. But other than that--the screws made it stronger than before! Ha.

You'll be healed before you know it.

la chaser said...

@crazy rower: well i was eating cheese out of a jar with some delicious tortilla chips and feeling all guilty because "society" tells me that "cheese product" is bad and boom... i decided to rage against the machines.

@deanna: the layout is pretty easy. i create the top pic in photoshop which includes the very top black strip (w/ the flowers). then i used a normal blogger template, and just customized it by removing all of their weird diamonds and other crappy things. if you know any html, you can look at the style sheets and twiddle colors or just delete their pics. sort of hard to explain but not terribly hard to do. Just don't be scared of the html... rage against the machines!

chris thomas said...

hannah if you wanna lose weight fast, let that cheese from a jar/meat dip mix set out for a few days. Re-heat it daily, and by day three you'll notice a difference in both consistency, and taste. Alas, at this point it is already too late. You'll be down for a couple days, but your pants will never fit better, and you'll have 8-12 less pounds of stress on the new knee.

la chaser said...

Chris you forgot an important ingredient...the meat. Make sure to have meet also sitting in said cheese "on the counter" which will be great for the heating and reheating portion of the experiment.

megan said...

mmmmmmm. cheese dip. we need a movie night with lots of that stuff.