Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow & Bike. YEAH.

It's here. Twenty Four Hours in Oh My God Pueblo. I am super pumped/nervous/ready/notready/hopeful/ and excited! Although I am definitely worried about my physical abilities on later laps, I am more interested in how I will handle it mentally. Will I be able to dig deep and head out for 16 hours with a smile on my face when I would rather be sleeping? I think the fact that my knee surgery is glaring at me from around the corner will motivate me to keep going. Knowing that in less than 5 days, I will be unable to do things like this for no less than 6 months has to be motivating to keep going. Pain of exertion has to be better than pain felt while sitting motionless on the couch right? As an update, my knee is feeling really good right now: no swelling anymore and regaining of lost strength. I have been riding a lot and I think that has helped. So while I am physically as ready to go as I can be with one good knee and coming off the flu...

There is one big problem though.

Current weather reports are forecasting Friday's weather in Oracle as 20s to 40s with 1 inch of snow accumulation. Now I know people bike across the Alaskan tundra, but really this isn't going to work for me. There needs to be no snow falling at any point while I am camping. I am a delicate flower. Saturday is supposed to be cold but no precipitation so hopefully the snow will be gone before the race starts. I guess sun and dry would be too much to hope for in the desert. Sigh.

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