Monday, February 4, 2008

Whitey Wrecker

She arrived on Friday evening, and I persuaded my buddy Jacko to help me build her until midnight. She got fine tuned Saturday morning just in time to make her first trip down to pre-ride the 24 Hours of Pueblo (HOP) course with my entire team.

She is fast. She is sick looking. She screams down mountains trails on her skinny but grippy tires. She jumps rocks like a pogo stick on speed, friction has nothing on her. She tears around corners so fast that the cactus are jealous and try to jump out and join her. She is a lean mean fighting machine churning up the hills, laughing at the loose rock trying unsuccessfully to slow her down. And when she comes to a bone charing rock decent meant for big travel bikes, she giggles with excitement as her rear suspension compresses to gobble up the impact. If only this crappy human wouldn't keep slowing her down with the damn braking already.

She is the Whitey Wrecker and she is mine.

1 comment:

nik said...

your such a dork! that is why i love you though :)