Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunny weekend of green.

I have kicked the flu and am left now with merely a raging cold. I am so used to colds from my days in Ohio that I can play the trumpet while running a marathon with a cold. On to bigger and better things.

I was able to get out for about 2.5 hours of riding this Saturday with my hubby. I found soaking up the 80 degree sun would benefit my health better than sleeping. After riding through the initial post flu weakness haze, I felt pretty good. And it was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Whitey Wrecker, but not quite. Here is her maiden South Mountain voyage. The green blanket covering SM right now is so amazing. In my four winters here in Phoenix, I have seen only one other time when this mountain turned semi green. We rode from a different trail head and got to climb and descend some little ridges that I haven't experienced before. Overall, I was a happy girl by the end. I got several "nice bike" compliments from poser licra clad guys that flock to these trails before leaving them in the dust.

The grass is greeeeeeen, but my skin is white.

On Sunday, I tried to take advantage of my last free weekend day pre- "cut my knee open and sit on the couch for a month". Next weekend is the big bike race so that will be a busy one. I went hiking with friends at Superstition Mountains, up to the top of Flat Iron. It is a 3K foot vertical trail in 3 miles to the top of a flat area of the mountain that is on top of the world. Great day in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine and got a little pink shade on the arms. Don't hate me because my climate is beautiful.

I will let the pictures speak for itself. This is the #1 hike in Phoenix and the #1 most beautiful place that I can see from my house. Later in spring, this valley will also be full of beautiful wild flowers. There was even a wee bit of snow at the top, but it was melting fast.

From this angle, Flat Iron looks low, but believe me, it is as the top of the world.

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