Monday, February 25, 2008

Not yet.

I know I promised the story of how I fell out of the car going 45 mph when I was four, but...

I am going to save that for later because I hope to have some photos to go with it. Right now, I am sitting on the couch with elephantiasis (also known as leg as large as an elephants) in the form of calf/ankle swellage. Apparently all the knee swelling is draining into my lower leg. I vaguely remember it doing this last time too, but it seems worse this time. It is preventing my calf muscle from contraction which is keeping my mobility down and my pain level up. So I am unfortunately still feeling the need for meds which is making me feel like a big wimp. Four days of meds should be enough damnit so I decided that today I will just cold turkey change to aspirin and see how it goes. These addictions form quickly people. I am already a ice addict, can't afford to be a pill junkie too.

My nursemanhunk had to go out of town for work for a couple of days and therefore I have had to ask for help from my friends. Luckily I have the best friends a girl can buy. There have been homemade pizzas cooked in my kitchen, countless illegally downloaded movies watched and plenty of drink and snack fetching going on. Seriously love my friends. AB is as we speak, picking up lunch at Thai Basil for us to nibble on. Crazy Rower #2 is even bringing over enchiladas tonight that she prepared from scratch. I should be injured more often. I eat better.
Anyway, a large 29th Happy Birthday shout out to my hubby who is hard at work out of town today! Love ya!

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