Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Fun Must End

My ticket on the unemployed with nothing to do train is coming to an end. It was a great 2 .5 week ride while it lasted.

I can't keep track of all the fun things I did...and I am finally getting into shape again. But alas, tomorrow begins the new journey of excitement and good times studying in the library so cheetos and flappy arms here I come.

Orientation is tomorrow. I am excited to meet my new classmates who I will see for 8 hours a day for the next 14 months. I am electing myself "chief adventure officer" and plan to see any of them want to go explore a waterfall this weekend as a "welcome to arizona" trip.

Speaking of waterfalls, I hit up Christopher Creek canyon a couple of weeks ago and although the water level was a tad lower than last year, it was burrr... freezing. I am made of steel though (aka have body fat to keep me warm) so I didn't freeze as much as some of my puny friends Angel and Tim.


Arizona Iron Girl said...

Are your bees gone?

The Chaser said...

Bees are dead, as are the ants and flys that have moved in.

Ryan said...

I guess we missed you by about two weeks. We went this last Saturday. The water was cold, but not really that bad. We went all the way down to the last pool an then climbed all the way back up the way we came.

Did you know that in the second to last pool you can do something called "flushing the toilet"? On the left side from the top is a steep rock face that goes down about 15' to 20'. You sit on the top and divert water down the rock face. Once the rock face is wet you then slide down the steept face about 15' and drop off the end of the ledge to about a 20' drop to the pool below! I love Box Canyon!

We usually go wakeboarding on Saturdays, but Box Canyon was a cool change up. Hit me up if you and your crew want to wakeboard sometime...