Saturday, May 12, 2007


Dumb things that I learned this weekend about mountain biking & other mechanical things.

1. There's a rear and a front break that work separately?
2. Oh, mountain bikers wear gloves so they don't have to pick rocks out of their hands when they fall. I get it now.
3. The reason that people 'jump' things on their bikes is so that their tires don't get stuck in large dirt divots and stop abruptly as their bodies keep moving.

Just wanted to say that I had my first spill on a mountain bike this past weekend. I have only ridden on a trail 2 other times, both of which occurred pre-ACL tear so it was over a year ago. Falling was both scary and exciting. Okay so it did hurt and the head to toe rock scrapes prove it, but I also found it sort of exhilarating because to me it signified 'real mountain biking'. I got right back on my bike and kept going (farther from my car). I later got into a philosophical debate with my beloved fiance about doing things which can cause injury and I realized that I just don't think in terms of risk/reward. Tom's belief was that you should do everything you can to avoid the fall (he's a safety conscious person which I am thankful for) whereas I disagree. My beliefs are this...

If your afraid to fall, then you shouldn't ride. If you never fall, then you may not be pushing yourself enough. You won't progress without testing your own limits.

I have played rugby for 7 years and believe me, I am not afraid of bruises, bumps, and contact. I recently injured myself pretty severely playing: torn ACL, medial & lateral meniscus. Yet still I would rather go through the pain and torture of surgery than live life afraid to try.

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