Monday, June 4, 2007

Countdown to ADVENTURE!

So I have been a little (okay a lot) bad at writing on my blog lately. Busyness coupled with lack of goals involving frequency & aim of blogging are to blame. I have since decided to try to write my thoughts down at least a couple of times a week as a way of keeping my own personal online journal. I want to become a better writer and this forces me to keep on practicing.

So I am getting very pumped about my upcoming adventure this weekend. On Thursday night, I am making the trip to Supai Arizona for the greatest bachelorette party ever planned. We have 14 girls backpacking into the great American desert to spend 2 nights beneath the stars and giant waterfalls known as Havasu Falls. I am lead guide and engineer of this extravaganza and its definitely going to be interesting considering I have never really done this type of thing. But thats what google research is all about.

Total mileage: around 30 miles
Average high temp: 87
Average low temp: 55
Number of waterfalls: 4
Amazing memorys we will create: unlimited!

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