Monday, June 25, 2007

Good times.

Blooming Cactus Flowers on South Mountain, Phoenix

Well the weekend came and went, quickly like always. Friday night I decided to go for a quick bike ride after work. I usually hate riding on the roads on Friday nights since drivers always seem to be in a bigger post-happy hour drunken hurry than normally. Due to this, I will sometimes drive my car to a hilly road biking area just to avoid the mall area around my house (lame I know). But on Friday I decided to risk the angry commuters and take off from my house. It was around 110 degrees when I left and since I didn't have any plans of making it a long trip, I just grabbed one smallish water bottle (24 oz). Well of course after I got out of the traffic, I found myself crusing along and didn't feel like stopping. I ended some miles from home way past my planned turnaround time (45 min) due to dinner plans I had made with a friend earlier. I was however close to another friend's house and decided to ride by just to see if they were home. Of course I ran into my friend right as she was pulling into work and got talked into coming into her house for a water refill turned beer. By the time I was ready to ride home, it was dark and I had not brought my headlight or flashers so she ended up driving me home in her car. A really wimpy way to end the day but I went dancing later to make up for the missed workout.

On Saturday I got talked into going to crew practice at 8am with a friend who coaches beginners. Thats right, crew. Its those funny boats with 8 people paddling in them. Who knew it was so complicated? After two hours I began to realize why those crew people practice so many hours a day and at very such terribly inconvenient times (like 5am). No offense crew friends, but I shall pass on the new adventure sport known as crew. I went to the gym after that and road 15 miles on the stationary bike along with two miles on the treadmill. Then I went home to do laundry and crash. And eat gelato...ummmm.

Sunday was our planned 'Salt River Beer Pong Exhibition'. Some friends built a floating pong table out of styrofoam and wood (pictured here) to take floating down a desert river. Its maiden voyage was this weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't account for the rapids and they destroyed the table pretty throughly before the end. But the day was beautiful and the water was cold and we had a great time anyway. We did do one small rock climb cliff jump along the way, but the current was too strong to stop much. Overall a relaxing way to end weekend, although I do feel strangely sore today. Hmm, not sure, I did have to dive after a floating water camera and a displace beer pong table and swim upstream. Oh and if you do not know what beer pong qualifies as, check here. Good times!

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