Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Athlete. Engineer. Lover. Fighter. Social. Adventurer. Tough. Crazy. Independent. Engaged. Me.

What defines who you are? Its a question that many of us struggle with and it changes with life. Look at your life, do you define yourself through your job, your hobbies, your personalities, your desires, your loves or your hates... Using single words to sum up your life may seem simplistic, but its powerful in that it most clearly defines your core.

I am hitting the time in my life when you have taken the first steps toward adulthood (i realize i am a little slow at this which pleases me). I hold down a 'real job', am engaged to my long term bf of seven years, own a house & car, pay taxes, have a 401k, etc. But I am not a restful spirit. I look at the world as one giant clearance bin of dreams that you have to scrounge through to find that perfect item. My current dreams lie somewhere between becoming an FBI agent, starting my own web design business and becoming a professional athlete of some sort. I can't get mountaineering out of my mind (Mt Everest anyone?), and competing on "The Amazing Race" would be the shit. But lately, my obsessions have turned toward competing in a mountain bike race (maybe a 24 hr one) or becoming a dedicated adventure race racer. But whatever I decide to pursue, I am appreciative that I have the abilities and desire to dream & achieve because there are so many in life who have given up on dreaming due to the realities of life.

In the meantime, I have determined a few simple truths:
  • My job is simply that, a job. It will not define my life nor take over my life, even at the expense of my 'success'.
  • I will always be a strong and independent soul while maintaining my autonomy through my marriage. My fiance and I complement each other in this and I love him for it.
  • I will never be able to give up exercise, working out, adventures, sports, etc. My interests may change, but never my desire.
  • I will never be able to cook. Stop praying for a miracle Tom. It's not going to happen.
So to all you dreamers and achievers out there, go for it, whatever it may be. Unless IT is illegal. Then maybe think twice.

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Rebecca said...

How about starting an Arizona Adventure holiday package tour? You could target holiday goers, who know little about AZ but want to be a 'amateur adventurer'. They will also want to combine this with a gourmet experience. So you'll want to also provide them with a gourmet supper that they can cook themselves over a stove. I know someone that did this in South Carolina and they eventually sold the business for cash. You can plan hikes and provide mountain bikes.

You'll need a a jeep and a good website..which will utilise your web design skills and your office marketing skills.

I don't know howto incorporate that with being an FBI agent. Where did THAT come from anyway?