Wednesday, October 17, 2007


As you grow older, past high school, past college, even past your immediate release from college into the real world, you change. You grow up, you get a real job, maybe even a "career" and you tend to leave your fun & games behind. Most people move into the comfort zone were work, errands, daily television show and a possible quick yoga workout makes up your schedule. Things get left behind, things like rugby & competition & dreams. We grow up. Some of us.

But not all of us. Not me. I just can't let my competitive drive go. It's not even totally about competing against others. I still feel a inner drive to be continuously better than I was before. I think I will always be looking for the next big adventure. It's in my soul and it makes it sing. So when I kick off my newest competitive endeavor this weekend, I feel so very happy inside. I really can't keep the excitement inside, it radiates out. It will probably be painful. Most likely I will ask myself why I do this to myself at least a couple of time during it. We will probably be frustrated by at least one decision we make and it will cost us. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

My new adventure racing team code named TEAM ODP is kicking off their inauragural break into the adventure racing world of the great Southwest this weekend. We are traveling to San Diego to compete in our first race of the Desert Rage series. It is a 35+ mile race of mountain biking, trekking, and kayaking. It also will most likely have UTM plotting on the fly during the race. Last year it also had something called remote orienteering where the checkpoint information was given to one team member who had to relay it by radio to their teammates. Although this is all very new to us, we are fit, we are competitive, we are mentally tough, and most importantly, we do this type of thing for fun and usually have a blast while doing it. We are three very tough and kick ass ladies.

I am not worried about the physical. There will always be teams of men that are better athletes than us. I am not worried about the mental. We have a plan to keep our spirits up. We all refuse to quit and we all are gluttons for pain & suffering. Simply I am mostly worried about the stupid mistakes and navigational errors that newbies make. And luck. Because lets face it, in the world of long treacherous events where there are multiple mechanical devices that can fail, many places to crash or injure oneself, and the ever present mother nature, we just have to go out there and do our best. And hope to be proud of ourselves when we cross the finish.

I already am. Operation Destroy Panda's Commences!

Kidding. Try again.

Oh and btw, check out our very own ODP member Sarah on tv this weekend discussing her upcoming amazing rowing race across the Atlantic here.


megan said...

goodluck this weekend ladies!!!

hannah... hope you don't have to use that purty little shovel you bought the other day!

Bill said...

Good luck Hannah. Hope the kayak works for you all.

slice4e said...

Hey Hannah, good luck on your adventure race. I am going to do an adventure race too. It is a 6-8 hour race with running, biking, rowing ... etc. It is called the LEACH and will be in some swamps in Florida:

Good luck and I will let you know how mine went. And today I have a 5K miles race in my school... :)

slice4e said...

Oh, and I am Martin. slice4e is my nick for my email.