Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some points.

I interrupt my Hawaii adventures to bring you random blog about life.

1. Married life still consists of going to work every day. I was so lied to. I thought I got a ticket to instant housewife.
2. I don't believe that the bug that camped out in my ear for awhile the other night laid any eggs in there, so that is good.
3. Now that I am no longer engaged, does this mean I can pawn the engagement ring for a hot tub? I'm serious. Maybe I should start a rent-a-ring business for logical ladies who don't want to spend tons of $ on a ring. People only ask to see the ring before u get married anyway.
4. Jonny Wilkinson is back and trying to lead England to a second straight World Cup of Rugby title. As my very British bro-in-law knows since he brought me a calendar of JW for a gift in Christmas of 2003, Jonny makes me swoon. Seriously, ladies, I am not lying, JW makes me say David Beckham who? Google images will tell the tale. Plus he is gooo-oood... at rugby.

Oh wait, I forgot, I am married now, I no longer find him at all attractive. Don't worry honey.

5. Next weekend is Team OPD's first big event, the Desert Rage San Diego. It is a 30+ mile adventure race located at Lake Hodges just north of San Diego. It consists of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. Since we have never kayaked as a team it should be interesting. We are still working on borrowing kayaks and figuring out how not to die and/or get last place. Angel 'poco uno' and Sarah 'crazy rower' will be my teammates for the activities so we hope to try to make the all women's podium. Since 2 of my 3 teammates haven't ever plotted UTM points, it should be interesting.


Crazy Rower #2 said...

Should you mention that one of the two teammates who hasn't plotted UTM coordinates is yourself? :) Oh, and my friend Lucie who lives in London got to meet Johnny and the entire English rugby team a few weeks ago... the pictures are to die for!!!

la chaser said...

shhhhh. but i have big plans for online UTM tutorial training.

Erin said...

I hope you people don't end up lost in the desert...bring a cell phone...or a flare might be a better option. (Secretly, I'm jealous...I wish I was going with!)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog. Interesting. AZ is much more than sand & cacti. 24/7/365 climbing weather, canyoneering opps, and mountaining biking nirvana (not quite so nice as Utah for that, however). Let's go climbing this winter. You know who I am...Tour de Fat was FUN!!