Thursday, December 18, 2008

I can watch TV at night for a month!!

Done with my Organic Chem final :/ thank God.

It was terrible. I am pretty sure I did really really bad, but the good news is that it shouldn't really matter (unless I did really really really bad).

As long as I get a C in the class and actually get accepted into school in January, my grade won't matter.

I also signed up for classes for spring quarter which I may be forced to take if I get into Midwestern's PA program (that is the school I am interviewing at.) That is if they don't accept other classes as replacements. That is the thing with prereqs, it is hard to even figure out if you have acceptable classes for their requirements...and I won't know until after these classes start if I got in so I have to proactively start taking the classes ahead of time and drop them if I don't need them.

Looking at my schedule now, it could be terrible. Ughh. I hate working full time and taking classes, it is mentally draining.

Tues: Chemistry II Lec 5:50 – 7:05 pm
Tues: Chemistry II Lab 7:15 – 10:00 pm
Wed: Sociology of Marriage and Family 6:50 – 9:30 pm (need a humanities)
Thurs: Chemistry II Lec 5:50 – 7:05 pm
Thurs: Organic Chemistry I Lab 7:15 – 10:50 pm

Yup. Terrible. Over 6 hours of Chem Lab a week. Somehow, I feel like my blog is going to get a lot more boring...

But really I am happy to be where I am now... nothing but an interview between me and the dream I have been working for the last year.

All I want for Christmas is an acceptance to PA school.

PS. Back at work and once again, annoying person is on the phone and being annoying. Good thing my custom created indie angry rocker station is flowing cool beats of bliss.

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