Tuesday, December 16, 2008


**Rant Alert**

I was recently moved to a new jail cell cubicle on a different floor and my new grid neighbor from a completely different work group is incredibly loud, rude and annoying. And they talk loud on the phone all day long. The fact that I have known this person for awhile and pegged them as the most annoying person EVER in the history of annoying people that I will totally go out of my way to avoid doesn't help. Then I get randomly moved right beside them instead of the other 14,000 people I could have been moved beside.

Sigh. I am screwed. Office Space just went from ironically funny to tragically even more my life.

I now blare my music in my ears all day long.


Anonymous said...

Your "rant alert" did cause a good laugh this morning as I have my first "CUP"!!! Your sympathetic MOM xxxxoooo

Keith said...

Completely unrelated to your post. I do not want to wait until February for more "Life". I believe you feel my pain.