Monday, July 23, 2007

Kick it up.

The average humidity in Phoenix during June and July is 14%. This is crazy low I realize , since most of the US is probably more like 75%. But we have that thing called 'ridiculously high temps' which evens out the misery factor for us. So when the humidity hits numbers like 40% at 105 degrees with winds gusting to 38 mph and swirling dust clouding all visibility, it is of course the perfect weather to hit the gym. So I went for a bike ride. To the gym. Strong headwinds made me feel very lethargic and tired from the weekend's activities and very sloooowww. So I decided to do an impromptu kick boxing class to spice up the evening and force me to do high cardio for 60 minutes. For supposedly being a mean fighting machine, I am not very good at kicking or dancing or coordination or grace or any number of the things required. Midwestern white girl has no rhythm.

I will post about this past weekend's adventures very shortly.

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