Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two Days Till GO Time

Mudding in Ohio, Christmas 2006

I am getting excited about the big Desert Heat Adventure Race this weekend. What it will bring is anyone's guess. The website is not very informative...what the hell is adventure tubing? What sort of map skills will it require, because I gotta be honest, I don't do topographical maps. Tom enjoys staring at atlases, something I have never really understood. I look at a map to find how to get from point A to point B or at least I did before google maps existed, but it is just not a book to me. So hopefully his 'map skillz' will be useful as I have named him head navigator. I will be chief motivator, which will not involve any yelling. Just sun-shiney phrases like, "don't let a girl beat you honey". I am very excited to do this event with him since I think it will be a good pre-marriage test for us. We aren't really doing any of the wedding counseling stuff so adventure race here we come. Plus we will look good....I mean look at us here. HOT...joking.

Neither of us have done any specific training for this, unless you consider drunk floating down a river training. But I figure we work out enough that we should make it the 8 miles or so it involves. Otherwise I will just go into the pain cave [see here] from my favorite, most inspirational blog that I read daily...go Jill. She is famous in the biking blogging world you know.


chris thomas said...

Tom looks like a gay hobo
Go reds

Susana said...

Ahhh...but you left out the part about us crawling on a log covered in racoon shit to try to unjam the logjam... Ahh...the memories!!!