Friday, September 26, 2008


Looking back over my blog, I realize it seems like my life is one big giant nature picture. Hahaha. While I prioritize this part of my life and it is decidedly the most interesting thing to blog about, the rest of my reality just keeps on ticking silently in the background.

I just celebrated my one year anniversary on Monday. Life this past year has gone by incredibly quick, which is most assuredly a good sign of being busy and enjoying life. Tom and I have changed a lot in the past year, with both of us making major strides to reshaping our careers to a place that we want to be. He is starting grad school in February getting his MBA at Arizona State University and it on his way to taking his certifications for being a Professional Engineer.

As for me, my application for PA school is in the mail. It is later than I wanted to submit it since the deadline is next week, but things outside of my control happened and I will leave it at that. It has been an incredibly hard journey in the past year to get me to a place where I am at least able to apply for this opportunity and I am glad at least I made it this far. As for whether I get in... whatever happens is meant to be.

PS. Organic Chem is hard. I want to go drink some CH3CH2OH to celebrate. Happy Friday.

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