Friday, September 12, 2008

Pink Coral Sand Dunes: More orange than pink.

Pink Coral Sand Dunes near Kanab, Utah My vertical is shockingly low (2nd to left).

Back to Labor Day weekend in Utah... Following Zion, we made a stop at the Pink Coral Sands State Park near Kanab Utah. Since it had just rained, the pink coral sand was more of an orange color. I remember thinking that at the time, but I have since googled coral and apparently it is actually orangish pink so those crazy rangers got it right this time. Although I do think that the Pink is unnecessary since it is implied by the coral, but I reckon that most people don't know that which is why they felt the need.

The sky was a very nice shade of blue cyan to offset the pink coral sand and the green olive plants. We did some long jump contests and races across the sand before heading to Kanab. It was a nice day in Pleasantville.

Pics courtesy of Sister S and Papa.

Utah has the most amazingly varied terrain.

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