Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Friday I was conducting a mock chief complaint, history, and review of systems with a paid actor who happened to be an older man complaining of a red eye. Our school hires people to be difficult and they video tape us to see how we handle things. As he started yelling at me when I asked him about his sexual history (we were supposed to), I realized how bizarre the whole situation was. Five weeks ago, I wasn't talking to elderly men about how they can't get it up anymore.

Funny how quickly life can change. I can honestly say I am really starting to LOVE school. It is still ridiculously fast and requires studying all the time, but it feels more right every day.

Big test tomorrow morning on the abdomen, and chest so I must peace out. Lata.


Martin Dimitrov said...


megan said...

i thought tom was normally okay discussing his problem, ya know, down there :)

The Chaser said...

BURN! Good one megs :)