Monday, July 6, 2009

A Day in the Life of a PA Student.

There is a reason that I have all but dropped off the face of the earth. Let me give you a taste of today which I assure you is very much the norm during the week. It changes on the weekends where it is just study for 14 hours straight.

6 am - Up, pack clothes to wear to school, lunch, coffee, and bookbag.
6:30 - 7:30 am - Out the door for my 1 hour commute while listening to anatomy lectures.
7:30 am - Workout at school gym, shower, eat breakfast. Study while on bike, ellipitical.
9 -12 pm - Three hours of behavioral medicine class (replace with Biochemistry on other days except for Thursdays when class starts at 8 instead of 9).
12 pm - Lunch for a blissful 30 min.
12:30 pm - Prepare for anatomy class at 1.
1 - 3 pm - Two back to back anatomy lectures.
3 - 5 pm - Cadaver Dissection Anatomy Lab
5 - 8 pm - Study at library.
8 - 9 pm - Drive home while listening to Biochemisty lectures.
9 - 9:30 pm - Stop at store for a couple of groceries.
9:30 - 10 - Dinner....STARVING.
10 - 12 am - More study. Possibly say hi to husband.
12 am - 6am - Hopefully sleep unless early exam requires I get up earlier than normal.

Did you see the blog time built in there? I didn't either. So check out some archives, look at some cool photos of Arizona and check back in the third week of August for my week long break where I assure you I will be doing something TBD (but I promise it will be hella awesome).

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Hang in there sister! We will wait for you to have free time. ;)