Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where did La Chaser go?

Ummm about the blog....

Sort of haven't had any time to write lately. Or hike. Or bike. Or do any sort of "fun" activity. My life has been consumed with school. I go from one test to another with the feeling of cram between each one. I am surviving and thriving, but it takes a lot of work.

I have discovered, that I am smart enough and hard working enough and have enough dedication to studying to succeed in my classes. But it takes all my time. I really really have no life. I have also learned that I can study for 12 hours straight...seriously not a problem, flys by. I have also learned that I can actually survive on four hours of sleep, but it takes a lot of caffeine.

But the good news is, I have almost learned the entire body anatomically. I know every nerve, vessel, muscle, and bone in the body from the neck eight
weeks. Finals are in three weeks and then I get a week off before coming back to even harder and more exciting classes.

I just had the priviledge of buying my first diagnostic set and stethoscope so I can now do a physical exam. I should the the hit at parties from here on out, listening to beer course through people's bladder.

Since I don't have any exams for a couple of weeks, I am getting out of town this weekend to camp by a lake on Friday night, and camp beside a waterfall on Saturday night. It is going to be glorious. It is amazing how 12 weeks of siting in a library makes you so grateful just to get out for a hike let alone camp.

But as I have said in most of my posts lately, each and every day I am more confident in my decision for this career. I actually may get to have a job I love some day. Glory be.

Have a grrrreeeeeaat weekend ladies and gentlemen. This is where I will be:


Gary Robbins said...

Very impressive how you've managed to dedicate yourself whole heartedly towards achieving this goal! Congrats on that, and have a great time camping this weekend, you've earned it!

Crazy Rower #2 said...

Yeah for Hanal gettting out for some fun!!! Can't wait!!


Dude, are you going to dive in there too? Have fun sister!