Saturday, January 30, 2010

What day is it?

So in the middle of a manic extreme study weekend but I had to pop in to tell about this dude at the library.

I go to the library at around 10:00 am on today (Saturday). I pack a snack, lunch, and lots of liquids cause I planned to shut this bitch down at 6 pm tonight (which I did).

Pick a table by a plug so I can listen to my tunes all day long with the necessary charging on my iphone (did I mention I got one and I LUVLUVLUV it :). In purusing my fellow library mates, I spot a weirdly dressed dude playing Solitare on his laptop with a half full 2-Liter of Coke and a... wait for it... full gallon of milk sitting beside him on the table. I shit you not, in just over 7 hours, I saw this guy consume both fully all while playing Solitare.

Disturbing while strangely impressive? Ubetchya.

Okay back to my extreme Saturday night studying session while consuming a delicious Blue Moon. I have an exam on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM (scheduled before school at 7am so as not to interfere with our 8 hours of class, those aholes) this coming week and am having to dig deep deep deep to not "lose it".

PS, I have totally developed a somewhat painful study injury. First time in my life, I have developed chronic back pain from freaking sitting at a table, classroom, cubicle in library for way to many hours. Biking even hurts it :( boohoo.

Four more weeks till these 9 classes and 27 tests of Q3 are done...may the delirium pass quickly.


garobbins said...

I love my iPhone too!
It really is inspiring to watch you pursue your dreams to the fullest, bets of luck on your early morning tests this week!


So did the dude ever get up to use the bathroom? I didn't know our bladders and bellies were that big. Ha!

I had the same issue when I started college and went from constant motion to sitting on my ass. One thing that does help, though, is doing sit-ups every night to strengthen the tummy muscles so they help hold the back.