Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas...

and all through the house, I was sitting under my kitchen sink for 14 minutes. Then I won.

Why you might ask? I will tell you later.

I am home in the OH IO for Christmas. There is about an inch of snow on the ground, just enough to feel like it's winter. I am allergic to Ohio (seriously I am) so of course I immediately got a cold apon touching down on the Ohio tundra tarmac. But I am fighting it and so my mouth tastes like zinc all the time. The whole fam is here minus my poor little British bro-in-law who is stuck in London working over the holidays. Shoutout to Nimesh! This means that the house is a zoo. I have three loud and opinionated sisters in addition to my parents so we all talk over each other and interrupt each other constantly. It is bedlam and I feel sorry for my pops. At least he has son-in-laws now to bond with.

Last night we decided to play hide and go seek. It was pretty awesome. You think that game is for kids but you are wrong. I won by hiding under the sink and no one could find me for the longest time (except Tom who always seemed to know exactly where I was). It was a small spot and no one thought I could fit in there but they just don't know my skills I guess. Truly, the best game ever.
Otherwise, I have been super lazy. My workouts have consisted of eating and sleeping and that is about it. I tried to mud bike but my fingers were cold and I am wimpy. I may try to go for a run today. Probably not. I did climb up to the top of a closet last night to hide in the back of this wierd shaped shelf thing. That was really tiring. Then I ate more cookies.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Rebecca said...

Yeah - it was fun 'chasing you down' in hide and go seek. You didn't get to base before I did! And for someone that loses at PIG to a 'non-althlete' yoga type in the Barn Ball barn.

Granny ball all the way hardy har har.

Poor you. I know that you must have struggled not to sneeze or cough whilst underneath the sink for the whole 14 minutes. I know that you want to rip your nose off and drain your face with your cold right now.

RR - Barn Ball PIG Champion

Erin said...

And that, Hannah, is why I love you.