Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lazy days on holiday.

So I am still in the OH - IO land of mud and trees. We saw a minute of snow, but mostly just weather in the lower 30s with some rain and lots of clouds. Basically, it is everything I always knew Ohio could be and more. This is why I moved to a desert after all.

In addition, I have been unable to breath since I arrived, but this is also completely expected. I have a gps sensor in my nose that closes my nostrils when it registers Ohio. They inserted it when they gave me my bionic knee. But I have been feeling better the last couple of days enough that I have felt motivated to work out. I especially like how my nose runs when I run in the cold. I ran a couple of times with the longest being five miles (my season high!!). I am trying to test my knee to see if it can handle 13 miles in a two weeks. It gets very sore after each run, but more good sore than bad. I may be doing a half half marathon run followed by a half half marathon walk.

Today instead of running, I did something way more fun. I joined a friend of mine on the coolest six mile mountain biking trail in Columbus. It was bloody cold at around 30 degrees, (shut up I am wimpy), but serious fun. The trail builders did an awesome job building up ramps and logs ramps to get over any muddy or rocky parts. I don't have this on any of my rides in Arizona, so I was loving the whole thing. Mud, trees, fairies, and ramps. SWEET...

We are currently hanging out with friends in CBus staying at the home of world famous Chris Thomas of Chris Thomas Productions (producing the most entertaining drunk home videos since 1995). Thanks for the great post ride egg breakfast Mr. Thomas.

Gotta run now. Blogging is so much work when you are in a chocolate induced coma. I am enjoying the LAZY quite a bit. Year's end ramblings to come.

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