Wednesday, November 12, 2008

24 Hour of Fury MTB Report

Bad bad blogger. I am up in Portland for work right now and guess what...its raining!! Shocker I know. I am about to head downstairs for a conference dinner which is scheduled to last four hours. Please, someone... anyone... shoot me now. So I will have to keep this race report short much to your benefit I am sure.

This past weekend was the 24 Hour of Fury at McDowell Mountain Park. My team of four consisting of Jack, Todd, Sarah and I finished a scant 9 minutes ahead of 4th place to claim our moment of 3rd place plaque glory. We finished with 21 laps of 10 miles each. Each lap was a chock full full out hour of high heart rate, lots of steeps ups and downs, rocks and curves...pretty damn fun actually.

It was overall a really fun race. My best lap was my first one at 1:03 which I think I could improve on, but I was happy with. I loved the night laps, even the one where my main light broke within 5 minutes of the start and I had to ride with just a small headlight. There are so many tough loose steep hills of this course that each lap it is like a competition to see how many of these you can make it up without jumping off your bike.

As for our accomodations, my teammate Todd owns DragonFire Racing Co. and brought one of his Baha chase trailers used to transport race cars. It was pretty sweet because we had an 80 foot trailer to chill in during the off hours. I love the relaxed pace of four person teams with the nice break in between rides, but truly my second fastest lap was my last lap done in the morning so I wasn't starting to slow down yet. I still want to do one of these races solo or duo at some point...we'll see.

Here are some pics from the race.

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