Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day in History

What can I say. What can anyone say. Watching history be made is never something to take for granted. I am trying to soak it all in.

America has been so apathetic about politics since I came of voting age in the past decade mostly because when you don't have hope of making a difference, you stop caring. That apathy is now gone. There is an energy that ran through our country, regardless of who you were supporting which I have never before seen. The collective sigh of relief that rippled through this country from all Obama supporters is tangible. We had done it. We had elected a man who beat the old establishment to give us hope, to take away our apathy, to make us believe again that anything is possible, that we can accomplish the impossible.

I am grateful to President-Elect Barack Obama. For bring a new direction to Washington. For allowing me to hold my head up high as I travel abroad. For not running a campaign based on negativity but on promise. For taking on a job with ridiculous inherited obstacles that anyone in their right mind would run from. For being a man of reserve, patience, calm, peace, intelligence, hope and quiet energy... who just happens to be an African American. And most of all, for inspiring America to believe that the circumstances of one's birth does not dictate the path their lives have to take.

God Bless America.

And to my old stomping grounds of Ohio... woot woot!

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garobbins said...

That collective sigh of relief was felt around the globe!
Canadians are just as excited about Obama as most Americans, and we're all hoping that the excitement and belief created throughout the campaign can continue once he is in office.
Pretty amazing to watch history unfold right in front of our eyes!