Friday, November 14, 2008

Gittin Ready to Fly South

So we are getting our last minute preparations for Ecuador/Peru done this weekend. We leave next Saturday...woohooo!! Which means I need to break in the new Solomons because I realized that my old ones were falling apart and had holes in them and that might be a bad things in the rainy season of the Inca Trail while hiking for four days.

Lately I have been single handedly trying to get our economy going again. Nice rain & hike gear costs moolah ya know. I am pretty much ready to go except I still need a rain coat and some nice non desert socks. I am getting nervous about the elevation we will be experiencing during the four day hike to Manu Pichu. Several passes well over 13K and camping one night that high as well with only 1 day of acclimization. Ah well, bring it on. Just gimme some coca leaves.

While I am gone, you will get a nice two week hiatus for this site. Appreciate it because I am sure that I will have tons of pics that I will lather on you once back.

The only crappy part of taking off is the amount of studying I need to do either before the trip or during the trip (yeah right...). I have an exam over 4 chapters the day I get back. So this week/ chem will be my adventure.

Have a good weekend kids.

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