Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another year of ME.

Me rolling through the camping ground at the end of my first lap at Pueblo. This part of the course was always my favorite...right before the end, hammering allowed.
Photo courtesy of Ms. Behrens.

Hi guys!

Do you notice anything different about me? Nope, not a new hair cut. Well yes, my knee is more swollen than normal, but no that is not it. Ah yes, I do look older since yesterday was my 28th birthday. Good guess.

I had a good birthday, albeit very busy. The day started early when my lovely life partner got up and made me waffles in bed. What a great guy. Unfortunately I had to rouse myself out of bed to be at work for a early meeting.

After a full and particularly crazy day at work, followed by my night psychology class, I met up with some friends at a restaurant/bar last night to have a couple of birthday drinks. I rolled into bed last night at 12:30 pm and awoke this morning feeling every bit as old as my new age.

Another year bites the dust. Looking back over the last year, I realize how many good things I have experienced. It was a tough year with my schedule of working, taking classes, taking the GRE, volunteering at the hospital, applying to school, etc etc etc., but the good news is though that I am infinitely better placed in the course of my life this year than last year. New life path coming right up.


Martin Dimitrov said...

Happy Birthday

garobbins said...

Happy B.Day and congrats on a stellar year!
Good luck in yer endeavors heading into 29...and beyond!