Monday, February 9, 2009

Just what I was hoping for.

Photo from last year's 2008 24 HOP, credit Epic Rides

Last year, I nearly froze my ass off riding around in circles in the desert at the 24 Hour of Old Pueblo. It was freakishly cold and my 3am to 5am lap involved the presence of snow which needless to say wasn't fun. I signed up again this year with the warm knowledge that we couldn't have freakishly cold weather two years in a just doesn't happen in the desert.

Sigh. I was wrong.

The forecast for this year is rainy, cold (high of 50, low of 30), and generally crappy for the entire 24 hours of the race. Yes I realize that your weather is much crappier and that 30 isn't that cold, but may I remind you it was 80 here two days ago. It must be karma for all my blog comments bragging about the awesome weather.

Bring it Thor...bring it.

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