Monday, February 23, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Because each day at work becomes more painful than the last, I did something stupid awesome today. I counted up the days I have left to daily persuade myself not to do anything rash, like respond to one of my countless daily emails with a big screw you.

Forty Five. 45. 15x3. 9x5. I think I prefer 3x3x5. This seem like less days than the other ones.

Anyway I break it down, it is manageable. Right? I am days away from parole and I am just trying not to get shanked or shank anyone before they let me out of the big house.

I have a headache. Maybe I will be sick tomorrow and have to work from home. Really I do.



Dude, I feel like that every day but I have to hold on indefinitely until I find something that suits me! I'll think of you . . . to know I'm not alone.

ctgobucks said...

Good news Hannah! You seemed to have forgotten about the days you can take off to watch the first rounds of the NCAA basketball tourney. That takes it down to 43 right there. Just say, you have jury duty (they never check that)Just scan the paper for any court proceedings you can use as an alibi, go to a bar with a ton of t.v.'s live it up, and enjoy the best two days in all of sports. Then on monday, when they ask how jury duty was, say you got removed from the jury panel, for sexual misconduct. I do it every March. Your welcome for the extra two days off work.