Sunday, March 8, 2009

The first smattering of flowers.

Springtime In The Desert: Papago Park

This weekend was all about fun riding. No speed, no pressure, no pain. Just moseying along with friends with lots of stopping to enjoy the flowers. Springtime is coming to the desert.

Saturday I took an old friend who moved away but was back for a visit to McDowell Mountain Park. Flowers were beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was great to see her gain confidence as we rolled along the competitive track. She was a rock star for being mostly a beginner.

Sunday I took two beginner riding buddies Em and AB to Papago Park in Tempe to start riding. My buddy AB just is coming off ACL surgery (damn u rugby) and so she is following my footsteps of starting biking. She seemed to have a great time and I have to laugh at her antics. She did a stellar job but was mad at how weak her knee was. Welcome to the club AB. Welcome. May your luck be better than mine.

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Wish I could join you ladies! Good luck with that knee sister.